The Creative Work Life

A friend of mine is an artist who works for a business in Salt Lake City. The business creates signs and banners for all sorts of reasons. He creates advertising products designed to represent his customers’ various businesses accurately. He boasts a proven track record for excellence in service, graphic design, and sign production. He tells me that when he is designing a sign he considers himself to be another member of his customer’s business team because he will only succeed if his customer’s business succeeds.

My friend works in a full service printing and sign shop. He tells me that he can create any customer’s vision into an advertising masterpiece. He told me the business he works for provides many services. A great deal of his projects consist of making signs and banners suitable for both indoor or outdoor display. He also creates custom graphics for businesses, boats and recreational vehicles. One of the more interesting types of projects he works on is the vehicle wrap. He tells me they will turn vehicles into an advertising tool akin to a rolling billboard.

I have always admired people who can make a living through creativity. It seems like he really enjoys the work he performs on a daily basis. My father always told me that when you enjoy your work it is no longer work. I really think that is a truthful statement. But what’s more, when a person enjoys the work they do they put their heart and soul into it and the end result is a quality product. I imagine producing a quality product is something my friend can look upon with a sense of pride and accomplishment. If I had to do it all over again, I think I would have chosen a more creative path in life because I think pride in one’s work is very important.