7 Million Business Ideas on the Topic of Selling a Tote Pump

There has to be at least seven million different ways to sell a tote pump to a potential customer. The most basic way to do this is to simply present this object to a potential customer and ask them if they wish to buy it. But how does one go about the process of finding a potential customer? And what is the best way to ask them if they wish to purchase this particular product? And what does one do if the potential customer does not in fact wish to purchase this product? These are the questions that I would like to explore in this blog post?


Now that we have refined the questions on the table for exploration in the content of this blog post let us address them in their natural order. The first question for consideration is how does a person selling this product locate the potential customer who might be interested in purchasing it? The answer to this question is a relatively simple one. It essentially hinges on what populations of people might be in the market for this product. That is, who are the people who lack tote pumps and need them? Answer this question and you are well on your way towards making your first sale.

The next question up for consideration in this analysis is what is the best way in which to ask a potential customer whether they wish to purchase this particular product? The answer to this question is simple as well and it hinges on discovering the unique likes and dislikes of the potential customer to whom you are speaking. For example, if in your research you happen to discover that the potential customer is a history buff then you might want to inquire whether they know anything about tote pump history.

7 Million Business Ideas to Sell a Drum Pump

Obviously there is no way that I could articulate seven million discrete business ideas designed to sell a drum pump in a three hundred word (more or less — well not less) blog post. In fact there is no way that I could even come close to articulating seven million business ideas of any kind within this type of restricted format. What I can do is give you (gentle reader) one to three half way decent ideas for this rather narrowly tailored purpose.  Given that this first paragraph has been devoted to explaining the number of business ideas that can be properly articulated within a three hundred word blog post allow me to drop the number of business ideas down to one to two. But let us see how it goes.


The first idea would be to find out who is in the market for this particular product and then market the product directly to them. Fortunately, in the age of the internet and social media this can be accomplished with relative ease. This is true because people willingly hand over all manner of personal information for free to social media platforms. The social media platforms then taking this data and make it usable to advertisers. Accordingly, all that must be done is to find a group of people who are likely to purchase this product and direct advertising directly to them.

The second idea would be to find out what other successful marketers of this particular product are doing and copy them. This is actually a tried and true method of many successful people and businesses. Why reinvent the wheel if you do not have to? If there is an easy solution to a problem that is available then there is no need to look for a difficult solution.