Another Sign for Susan

There is a man in my neighborhood who is an aficionado of signs and banners and regularly displays them from his front porch. His signs consist of blue lettering on a white, square background. They always contain some message of support for his neighbor named Susan who lives across the street from him. His latest sign reads, “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall – Just Call … SUSAN.”


When I first saw this latest incarnation of his signs and banners display I knew immediately the reference he was making. This has not been the case with previous incarnations of his displays. Often I have to perform a search of the lyrics on Google. As is usually the case, when I see the song he is referencing I experience a moment of recognition and wonder why I did not recognize the song upon first seeing his sign. Perhaps the song lyrics displayed on his sign is so out of context that it becomes unrecognizable. Regardless I recognized these lyrics as belonging to a song sung by James Taylor. I believe it is called “You’ve Got a Friend.”


I do not think this sign was manufactured in a sign shop. Nor do I think this man will resort to vehicle wraps to display his messages to Susan. It seems he is pretty regular and consistent in the manner in which he displays his signs from his front porch. I do not know how many signs he has in his arsenal nor do I know if he is continuously producing new signs. I think I have seen a repeat sign (although I am not entirely sure about this) which would suggest that there is a finite universe of signs he has available to display. Obviously, I have much to learn through observation. I am sure there is more to come.